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Computer-Aided Design and Animation

Software: SolidWorks Associate Certification; ANSYS ICEM and Fluent; PTC Creo Parametric 3.0 (Formerly ProE); Autodesk AutoCAD, CFD Motion, Fusion 360, Inventor, 3D Studio Max

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computers for modeling, simulating, and analyzing facets of real-world or virtual subjects. With over 4 years of CAD experience, I've used the software listed above to, among other things, design a robotic arm, stronger roofing, more efficient manufacturing methods, an aerodynamics package, attractive Internet-of-Things devices, and a Hyperloop prototype.

To take the visual component of CAD a step further, I began studying animation last year. Throughout this past year, I've shown in action two Hyperloop concepts, a CNC router and a robotic arm and created several human-machine interfaces for industrial use.

CAD and animation remain my favorite means of visual expression, though the choice is easy considering my lack of drawing skills. Examples of notable projects I've done using CAD and Animation software are on the right.

One of hundreds of strength tests I simulated using SolidWorks to determine the maximum allowable deformation for each of many different roof configurations. Findings from these tests helped reduce the cost of construction greatly. For more information on my work for this project, click here.
One of dozens of models I simulated using SolidWorks FloXpress to determine the ideal type and placement of airfoils to ensure uniform airflow. For more information on my work for this project, click here.
Ista International, GmbH
Interior view of a waterproof and dustproof PCB casing I designed using Solidworks. The device sits atop the base module, as shown above, and is expected to ship 100,000+ units. For more information on my work for this project, click here.
SpaceX Hyperloop Competition
SolidWorks model of a Hyperloop pod concept. For more information on my work for this project, click here.
SpaceX Hyperloop Competition
Animation of a Hyperloop pod concept made using SolidWorks and Autodesk 3D Studio Max. For more information on my work for this project, click here.
Advanced Engineering Design Graphics
Animation of a CNC router's assembly and operation made using PTC Creo and Autodesk 3D Studio Max. For more information on my work for this project, click here.
Mechatronics and Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Systems
Animation of a tactical robot arm made using SolidWorks and Autodesk 3D Studio Max. For more information on my work for this project, click here.


Software: Processing (Java), Arduino (Java), LabVIEW, C-More, RSLogix, Stanza (circuit board design)
Microcontrollers: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, TI MSP430 Launchpad, NI MyRIO, Cypress PSoC 5LP

Mechatronics describes a multidisciplinary field that intersects electrical engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering to give physical systems the ability to perform complex computational tasks, such as automation.

I chose to study mechanical engineering because I think of at least one new invention everyday and wanted the technical ability to bring them to life. I found that these ideas mainly fell under the scope of "smart technology", so I began immersing myself in mechatronics - taking specifically geared classes, choosing certain internships and projects for their mechatronic focus and, often, teaching myself.

On the right are but a few of the mechatronics projects I've completed over the recent years. Illustrating mechatronics' broad reach, these projects include a simulator of hearing degradation over age, controls systems for some of the world's largest food producers, and a novel UAV location and actuation system.

Samsung BASSBand
A wearable that turns the bass it hears into vibrations, allowing users to literally feel the music. Designed using Arduino. For more information on Samsung BASSBand, click here.
JANET Tactical Robot
A robotic system modeled as an arm that mimics a user's natural arm movements by lifting, placing, and throwing various objects. Designed using Arduino, NI MyRIO and LabVIEW. For more information on JANET, click here.
Industrial Automation Group
An example of a human machine interface (HMI) I co-developed during my employment at Industrial Autonation Group. Designed using RSLogix and C-More. For more information on work I did with IAG, click here.
A system for simulating hearing loss due to aging. Designed using LabVIEW and Cypress PSoC 5LP. For more information on this project, click here.
A robotic dog that can simulate barking when spoken to, wagging its ears when pet and jumping erratically. Designed using a TI MSP430 Launchpad and Arduino. For more information on this project, click here.

Programming Languages and Data Processing Software

Programming: Python, Processing (Java), Scheme, SQL, HTML, CSS, Stanza (circuit board design), some C++
Data Processing: MATLAB, Simulink, Microsoft Office

My engineering interests lie mainly in mechatronics and, feeling that my curriculum didn't cover computer science enough, I decided to study it independently. Aside from MATLAB, LabView and Simulink, I learned every language/software listed above outside of my degree, either through non-required classes, internships, or self-study.

For example, I learned Python, Scheme and SQL through a Berkeley class outside my curriculum and, working with another student, I wrote a Scheme Interpreter, tower defense game and a Yelp-like ratings collater. I taught myself Processing, a visual design language written in Java, for my work in a marine mechanics .

Also, over the course of a 48-hour period, I taught myself HTML and CSS and heavily modified a bootstrap template to virtually redo all of the infrastructure for this website.

Python, Scheme and SQL Class
Above is a Voronoi Map created as part of a project that mimics a Yelp-rating collater. Unfortunately, I can't share the repositories to this and other projects without possibly abetting the laziness of future students.
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
A graphical user interface that would translate real-life movement of a vertical axis wind turbine prototype into a visual with easily-read metrics. Designed using Processing and Arduino. For more information on this project, click here.
I've used Excel an MATLAB to track my daily expenses for a few years. Though it's not the most technical application, it's a pleasantly unanticipated way of making my engineering education pay off.

Languages and More Skills

Languages: English (I hope I'm fluent), Hindi (conversational), German (conversational), Spanish (beginner), Latin (prenatal)
Other Skills: Machining, 3D Printing, Carpentry, Sewing, Electronics, Car Repair, Public Speaking, Flying

My biggest interests today are learning how the world works and where the limits of my skills lie. These interests intersect in the form of learning new languages. Over the past four years, I've studied Hindi, German and Latin and I plan to continue with Spanish soon. I've also taught myself carpentry, electronics work, machining, car maintenance and sewing and taken flying lessons. I built my bedroom wall, made circuits for hobby projects, have done fairly involved work on my car, can fix my own clothes, and flew right up till my solo exam in a Cessna 152 (stopped because of college).

Worth noting too are my intangible skills, since they can have tangible results. Four times over the past 3 years, I have found myself thriving in towns where I once didn't know a single face and I've become very good at adapting to new environments. I also take pride in my self-discipline and ability to teach myself, which help me gain skills like those described above, and my empathy and understanding, which help me work well with others.

Cities I've worked in over the past four years
From west: Berkeley, California; Modesto, California; Princeton, New Jersey; Dortmund, Germany; Ahmedabad, India
The same phrase written in English, Hindi, German, Spanish and Latin, the languages I currently know proficiently or have studied for a few years.
Cessna 152
I logged 25 hours in this model before going to college. I plan to complete my license after college.
About to change my car's radiator
I had no experience with cars prior to early 2016
"The Agarwall"
Wall, shelves and markerboard I built for my apartment bedroom over the course of a week


Lifting, Running, Reading, Writing, Traveling, Surfing, Learning, Meeting New People, Exploring

One of the biggest joys I get out of life is developing myself - knowing I'm better today than I was yesterday and that I've set myself up to be even better tomorrow. Another is learning about the world, demystifying things and people and gaining a better understanding. My hobbies, like my work, reflect these.

I exercise nearly every morning, either lifting at the university gym or running around campus. As means of training my focus and learning about the world and myself, I make it a point to read and write at least 1hr everyday. Some of my favorite books are 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull. I also spend far too much time on howstuffworks.com.

I travel whenever I can and, since entering college, have visited nearly 40 different cities in Europe, India, Mexico and the US. I started surfing this summer and am considering dropping out to pursue a career as the first Indian Kahuna. I also think I'm funny. In short, I'm a very passionate and active person - the only time I can sit still is if I'm immersed in something that, when completed, can bring me to my feet.

Surfing on my 21st Birthday
Because I'd rather wipe out in the ocean than in a casino
Eurotrip 2015
After my internship at Ista International, I took a 3-week, solo backpacking trip through Europe. I visited Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Prague, Istanbul and Athens. (music in background)
World Travel Map
Hanging outside my bedroom wall is a 4ft x 7ft testament to my eg-I mean map with all of places I've visited around the world. In the next few years, I hope to put pins in Dubai, Japan, and Australia.
Though my work at Re-Materials was rewarding, being in one of India's most family-oriented cities didn't help my social life a single bit. So, before and after work, I would do calisthenics. (music in background)